Warped Tour Bands for 21+

Warped Tour is a pop-punk, teenage bonanza, attracting kids from far and wide to sweat profusely, dance on top of each other and discover new music.

But what about the oldies? The 21+ crowd that still has spunk and might want to mosh occasionally, but needs a break from teen overload? We can appreciate bands like New Found Glory because they’ve been around for years and their albums got us through the tough times, namely all of junior high, but are there any new bands out there for us?

Even though we’re old and grey (or in our mid-twenties) we can still relish in the summer tradition, possibly more now that we’re of legal age. Below is a list of bands the B-Sides team thinks are worthy of your time. And mosh if you want to. Don’t let the teens step on your toes.

Into It. Over It. – Truly powerful lyrics come out of songwriter Evan Thomas Weiss’ lips and he makes punk seem almost romantic.

Into It. Over It. - Anchor

Young London – My favorite of the bands on tour this summer, Young London has received quite a bit of flak for their mainstream-quality and “silly” tunes. I’ll admit that it’s slick and juvenile, but the addictive hooks scream “SUMMERTIME.” This band will certainly attract its fair share of pre-teens, but adults shouldn’t shy away from a little fun.

Young London - Let Me Go

Danielle Barbe – Relatively new to the public music scene, Danielle released her self-titled album in 2010. She’s more poppy than most bands on tour, but some of her songs, such as “Razors and Knives,” are a little heavier. She reminds me of The Veronicas, minus the sister act.

Danielle Barbe - Ghost Town

I Fight Dragons – Videogame-esque music that will make even the most curmudgeonly non-teen get up and dance. 

I Fight Dragons - I Fight Ganon (Legend of Zelda Theme - Live)

Hostage Calm – I love a good handclap and Hostage Calm is no stranger to the rhythmic aid. The hard core group is more well rounded than most and while they’ve been around for a while, they have a new energetic sound that demands attention.

Hostage Calm - The "M" Word (Official Audio)

Brian Marquis – Former member of post-hardcore group Therefore I Am, Brian is a talented solo-artist, but he’s also the producer of the new Acoustic Basement at Warped Tour. The acoustic addition to the tour offers fans an intimate experience to sit right in front of the bands and connect with them afterward. He’s playing a set himself, but he also picked out several of his friends like Koji and Bright and Early to grace the stage.

Warped Tour is traveling around the country until August 5. Who are you looking forward to besides Yellowcard and The Used? You can view the full line-up here.

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