Neon Trees lit up the stage at La Zona Rosa in Austin, TX. The venue was filled to capacity as Neon Trees had sold out the show. The line to get in before doors opened wrapped around the venue, as 1,200 fans camped out for the best spots in the Texas summer heat.

The doors opened up and the crowd filed in. The lights went down as JJams and Penguin Prison opened up the show. A combination of slow rock and 80’s beats got the crowd ready for the headlining performance by Utah native’s Neon Trees.


Most people are familiar with Neon Trees thanks to their hit “Animal” that has been playing on radio waves across the country for quite a while now. Their single sky-rocketed them to top radio hit status. Here in Austin, TX it was evident that old fans and news fans alike had come together to sell out the venue. Few front men are as energetic as Tyler Glenn of Neon Tress. One minute he might be writhing around on the floor and the very next he’s jumping all around the stage and getting the crowd to jump along with him.

Chris Allen, Branden Campbell, and Elaine Bradley make up the rest of the band and joined in the fun as they spent the rest of the night playing through their catalogue. Another song familiar to most in the crowd was their second big hit “Everybody Talks” from their latest album Picture Show.

Neon Trees along with Glenn’s mohawk may be coming to a city near you. They have US tour dates scheduled all the way through October, and they’ll be bringing their jam packed, energizing set along with them.

Neon Trees may be one of the most exciting live acts touring right now. While some bands rely on pyrotechnics and stage lighting, Neon Trees are a force of their own.

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