ALBUM REVIEW: Green Day- “¡Uno!”

Green Day was essentially the sound track to my junior high years, so I was pumped to listen to their eighth studio album, “¡Uno!” released September 25, 2012.

Main man Billy Joe Armstrong is struggling with personal issues and while his album is a party in itself, the current situation surrounding it feels like the cops showing up a little too early.

Stay the Night, Oh Love and Fell for You are strikingly classic Green Day hits and serve as a reminder that no matter how many new-comers join the ranks, they own the punk space. They layer in rock elements and don’t shy away from reflecting on late-night romances and more serious relationships.

Let Yourself Go is the typical dance-y track found on all of their albums, inspiring us to chuck responsibility and do just as the song title demands. The empowering drum sets and punchy pop-induced guitar phrases makes this one of Green Day’s most enjoyable tracks to date.

Kill the DJ brings a slight twist to the overall vibe, focusing more on the chorus and repetitive nature found from groups like Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip or Chromeo, even though a song screaming “Kill the DJ, shoot the DJ,” might not make it on any actual club playlists.

The thing with Green Day is that their sound hasn’t changed much since I was a 12-year-old rocking braces and bangs. They still have that solid, pop-punk persona, but as their fans have grown up, so has the meaning behind their lyrics. Darker, more personal and piercingly depressing, phrases offering gems such as “like a nuclear bomb and it won’t be long until I detonate,” show that times have changed.

Considering how long Green Day has been in the business, we can’t help but love this release from a group that feels like the “older brothers” of the industry. B-Sides is hoping the next two installments in the ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! trilogy, will take the sound further and keep Green Day on our playlists for many months to come.

Green Day: "Let Yourself Go" - [Official Live Video]