ACL is two days away and B-Sides is gearing up for the fest, scheduling interviews and planning our show schedule.  Even though it was FREEZING this past weekend, the forecast looks warm, if not a little muggy. Thankfully, we can leave the sweaters behind and pull out our favorite summer weather festival clothes one more time before winter really hits.

Whether you’ve had your outfits picked out for weeks or you’re looking for some last minute shopping, we’ve compiled a few ACL fashion trends along with a list of local shops where you’ll find the perfect pieces for this weekend.

Trends to look out for:

Source: Forever 21 – Sheer Lace Top

Lace anything. Sorority girls turned hipsters for the weekend love nothing more than to rock a see-through lacy top with some sort of neon tank or sports bra underneath. Keep it classy, don’t show too much skin, but pairing bright color with classic lace is a no-brainer.

Shorts! It’s basically still summer here, so pull out your blue jean cut-offs and take a nap in the grass in-between sets.
Source: Urban Outfitters – Ecote Knit Ruffle-Top Sand Art Maxi Dress

Maxi skirts. Some can pull these off, and others should stick to fuller skirts, but maxi skirts/dresses are the perfect length for sitting in the grass and dealing with windy days. And they’re just so pretty. If it ends up cooling off a bit, pair it with a jean top like this one from JCrew.

Long, flowy tops with skinny bright-colored pants. Unfortunately, humidity levels will be high, but with a loose, free-flowing top, it might actually feel like October. And places like Target or Gap have a ton of affordable neon pants right now.
Source: Tobi – Tiny Trim Batwing Top


Headbands. I almost hate to include this, because it’s so cliché, but pairing a headband with your outfit will deem your hair festival ready. If your head is too big for most headbands (guilty), try braiding your locks or throwing them up in one of those wistful buns. Pinterest offers some great how-tos.

Sandals and flats. You’ll be walking all over Zilker and standing for hours, and sandals or flats are the only way to go. I have my pair of trusty festival sandals that have lasted me for years, rain or shine. Pick a pair that won’t rub blisters and that you’ve worn before. By day three there are always a few people with bandaid-clad feet and you do not want to be that girl.

Local Austin shops:

Strut – Located on both South Lamar and Guadalupe, Strut has adorable little dresses, fanciful tops and unique pieces.

Buffalo Exchange – Does it get more hipster than Buffalo Exchange? Parking here is tough, but if you live near campus or want to explore Guadalupe, stop here for deals on slightly-worn styles.

Estilo – A 2nd Street District boutique, Estilo has the prettiest clothes I’ve ever seen and their fashion experts are really helpful and sweet. This little downtown oasis also holds some of my very favorite restaurants in Austin. If you’re visiting from out-of-town, hit up La Condesa for post-festival noms.

Urban Outfitters – Even though it’s not local to Austin, Urban still had to make the cut because it is essentially the epitome of festival fashion.

As always, boys have it incredibly easy. Some of my more fashion-forward male friends are going all out this year and spending way more time on their outfit planning than I am,  but as a dude in Austin, you’re good to go with a V-neck or rolled-up plaid shirt and jeans, bright skinnies or shorts. I know y’all tend to hate on plaid shorts for boys, but come on. Those things look so comfortable. I say wear them if it’s really hot out.

Don’t forget your Ray-Bans either. I can’t be trusted with nice sunglasses, so mine are knock-offs, but if you can hold onto them, bring them!

See y’all this weekend!  B-Sides will be on-site chatting with the bands, shooting shows, checking you and your friends out along with the other ACL happenings. If you can’t attend this year or just want to read a recap from the day, check back here for highlights throughout the weekend.