Blink-182 will release their new EP, Dogs Eating Dogs, on December 18, 2012. Bassist, Mark Hoppus, tweeted the information and announced the pre-order for “A blink-182 Christmas” is currently available at the band’s website. Other packages that include the EP is available as well, which includes various band paraphernalia.

Drummer Travis Barker stated to Rolling Stone, “To me already, this EP is a hundred times better than Neighborhoods, because we’re all in a room together.” The trio recorded nearly all of Neighborhoods remotely, emailing the tracks back and forth to each other.

The band will tour Australia after the start of the new year WITH drummer, Travis Barker. Barker was involved in a serious plane crash with DJ AM in 2008 and was traumatized by the incident to the point that he hadn’t flown on a plane since. However, the drummer confirmed that he wanted to get over his fear for himself and his children.