INTERVIEW: Gemini Syndrome

Los Angeles band Gemini Syndrome have been making a name for themselves with their explosive debut single “Pleasure and Pain” as well as with their dynamic live performances. Fresh off a tour with Mushroomhead and already raring to go on a tour with label mates Device, we caught up with Gemini Syndrome guitarist Rich Juzwick to discuss the band’s burgeoning success and spiritual symbology.

You guys have been receiving positive feedback on your single “Pleasure and Pain”, are you excited for fans to hear the whole album?

Oh definitely. Pleasure and Pain is kind of an introduction to what the album encompasses, the heavy and the light. So having the single out is like a teaser for us too. We want to show everything to everyone, then when we play that song and people are super into it, they begin asking about an album and it gives us more excitement about doing that.

The band is receiving a lot of positive feedback from crowds at your shows and gaining new fans at every stop – Obviously there are a lot of up-and-coming bands from Los Angeles, but what do you think it is about Gemini Syndrome that people are connecting with?

I think what people are connecting to – without saying anything bad about those other bands, all the other bands are good and unique in their own way – but what i think is different about us is that most bands, they write some songs and they have a look, all the different elements of what a band is, and we have that too, but we also have a lot of concepts, which is why I think everything kind of transcends and relates on different levels. Like for instance the logos are a direct representation of the band name, Gemini and Syndrome. All the little different icons and symbols that we have all relate to a big story.

And by story I don’t mean, like a timeline like “this happened here…”. It’s more of just a story and idea of a concept and a vibe. It kind of has its own little mythology. I having all those layers means that you reach different levels in different people. With different people there are different things, different types of personality that get drawn in. Thats what makes us a little bit different, more tangible for people to grab on to as well as tell a story at the same time.

Seems like symbology and visuals are a huge part of the band – how important do you think those visuals, symbols, videos, are to the music? especially relating to your full-length album?

They are completely complimentary. The foundation of any band is their music but with us, the symbols and icons reinforce the music. I guess the most simple way to explain it is Gemini is part of the Zodiac, part of the 12 months of the year. So for us, the concept of 12 – having an icon for every song and having 12 tracks on the album. It bind everything together and shows the idea that these things are all a part of an entire picture. These icons, symbols and glyphs are the glue that brings this idea together.

Your fans are have taken to calling themselves “Synners” – What’s the story behind that? 

The transparent thing about that is we are Gemini SYNdrome. So “SYN” you know? and then it lends itself to the idea that, well we’re not religious or denominational, but all these organized religions are spiritual. They all have the same purpose in people’s lives. With our vibe, its like we are touching on these spiritual vibes. And “Sinner” is a spiritual term – and we aren’t all perfect, but not really bad but not really good. We are all similar but unique, and we all kind of relate to that term in a way. PEople do have a naughty streak in them. So it touches on all those symbols and concepts under one simple word.

The other idea is that the word “SYN” – I think its in Greek – means “to come together as one”. So the first word of the band name “Gemini” means “Two” and “Syn” means “bring together as one.” It all reinforces this idea of duality and balance in terms of being as one.

You just finished up a tour with Mushroom Head and are about to head out on tour with Device – both are pretty amazing lineups so far, do you have any more tours in the works after that? 

We just finished the Mushroomhead tour and now we are home for a few weeks to gear up for the Device tour and get ready for the album release. We start with Device in Alabama on April 10th and we’ll be with them off and on until May. After thats its all up in the air.

“Pleasure and Pain” can be downloaded for free at the Gemini Syndrome’s website and you can catch the band at these dates on tour with Device, starting April 10th.

04/10 Mobile, AL Soul Kitchen
04/12 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
04/13 Orlando, FL Tinker Field WJRR Earth Day Birth Day
04/14 Ft. Myers, FL Fort Rock Festival
04/16 Destin, FL Club LA
04/17 Huntsville, AL Sammy T’s
04/20 Tyler, TX Click’s
04/21 Lubbock, TX Lonestar Amphitheatre KFMX Show
04/23 Dallas, TX Trees
04/25 Houston, TX Scout Bar
04/26 Beaumont, TX The Gig
04/28 Jacksonville, FL Welcome to Rockville Festival
04/30 New Orleans, LA House of Blues
05/01 Little Rock, AR Juanitas
05/03 Atlanta, GA Centerstage
05/04 Rockingham, NC Carolina Rebellion Festival