B-Sides favorite Vampire Weekend has just released a music video for their latest single, “Diane Young.” “Diane Young” is on the band’s third full length album called Modern Vampires of the City, which released last month in the US. The video for “Diane Young” follows the band’s usual fun, humorous, and slightly odd display of them performing with various types of characters. Characters such as celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas competing in a tennis match, like in their music video for “Giving Up the Gun.”

However, in “Diane Young” the main character is an unknown man wearing a black ski mask surrounded by the band, at what looks to be an interesting dinner party. The message of the song is about teenagers who live the party lifestyle and are at risk of “dying young” if they continue on that track. We see this in the video with the band’s creative usage of different types of teenagers (i.e. the rebel, the band geek, and the activist) at the dinner party, the masked man texting on a beadazzled smartphone, and how the dinner party goes from calm to wild and crazy right from the very beginning!

Check out the video here!

Vampire Weekend - Diane Young