San Francisco based indie electronica band The Limousines, released their latest full length album Hush last week! This is the band’s third album which officially released June 6th, 2013 here in the United States. The album expresses the band’s electro style to the max! With so much synthesizer and 1980’s techno beats, listeners can even hear some ’80s jazz saxophone powering away at the end of “Fool’s Gold!” But although all of the songs on the album are very catchy and make everyone want to just get up and dance, the lyrics are about lust, love,

and heart-break. The track “The Last Dance” expresses someone’s desperation to keep a relationship going and staying together, with lyrics “we’ve got it, what everyone else is just jealous of please, darling you know I’m out of my mind with you, we’ve got it what everyone else is just dreaming of, please darling you know I’m out of my mind.” Hush is a mature and more serious album in terms of content as compared to the band’s previous album Get Sharp which released back in 2011. With such titles as “Love Is A Dog From Hell” and “Gimme Control” we can see that they are no longer  just singing humorous songs solely about masturbating, rebelling against adults, and partying like in their older tracks “Internet Killed The Video Star” and “Very Busy People.” Hush is currently available on iTunes and Spotify for streaming.

Check out the trailer for the new album Hush here!

The Limousines - Hush - Official Album Trailer

Tour Dates

June 28th Blank Club San Jose, CA