Outside Lands is almost here, and along with thousands of music hungry fans comes that schizophrenic weather that San Franciscans know and love. Thankfully, this is not our first rodeo, and we have some examples from years and festivals past to learn from. For this year, we look to Kate Moss, Vanessa Hudgens, the men of Phoenix and a couple others for some outfits to inspire you and tips to help you have the best and most stylish festival experience yet.

Boots, boots, boots a la Kate Moss

Kate is a vet when it comes to festival style, and from her we can garner an appreciation for short hemlines and tall boots. Whether you are a guy or a gal, boots are the way to go for comfort and style. For your Outside Lands look, you can wear shorts or a dress earlier to get some semblance of a summer feeling, and bring a pair of heavy tights to add to your outfit when the fog rolls in.


An army jacket from the other Kate

Kate Bosworth really has the right idea. With a green army jacket, you can stand up to almost any weather and still look cute. Go with a hooded one, just in case, and remember that you can layer your way to warmth underneath and no one will be the wiser. The nice thing about these is that they look slightly androgynous so you can pair yours with some ultra feminine pieces like flowered tops or headbands, and not feel like you’re overwhelmingly girlie. Guys, this is a trend we stole from you, so let’s see you bust out your best anorak.

Annie Clark, for her red lip

Besides being a fashion maven all around, and an amazing musician (I’m pulling for St. Vincent at Outside Lands next year), Annie Clark contributes a bold makeup look. If you’re feeling brave, bust out the lippy for this festival. Besides being a throwback to a more classic style, you’ll get the added confidence boost that comes with wearing a bold lip.


A cool hat like Vanessa Hudgens

Hudgens has the warm weather festival fashion down, but up at this longitude, we have some clouds to grapple with. Even though she is the queen of crop tops and skirts, she also reminds us of the importance and functionality of a good hat. It’s enough of a statement to carry even the simplest of outfits, and both guys and gals can give it a go. I like that Hudgens takes the plunge with the pop of color on hers, but the best part about hats is that they look just as good in neutral colors.

Phoenix, for a male festival standard

The band is a talented, well-put together group of men if I do say so myself. They always keep it simple when it comes to fashion, and I respect that. Comfort is key when you’re committing to an all-day event like Outside Lands, and they always look comfy AND stylish. To mimic their laid-back-indie-darling vibe, grab your wayfarers, your best fitting jeans, a black leather jacket, and for Pete’s sake, don’t brush your hair. Also, make sure to see them this week, it’s guaranteed to be a fun show.