As many regular Outside Lands attendees know, Outside Lands not only provides its music fans with an amazing concert experience of all their favorite musicians and artists, the festival also brings people delicious and cultural food, beer, and wine to savor as well! B-Sides is giving you a taste of what kind of mouth watering food and vast wine and beer selection Outside Lands 2013 will be bringing you this year!

-Beer Lands-

It is no secret that most enjoy a nice summer concert or festival by kicking back, having a nice cold beer, and just zoning out and feeling the sounds of the amazing music experience going on around them. Well this year Outside Lands is providing festival goers with a range of different Bay Area based beer companies and breweries for everyone going to Outside Lands to experience, we at B-Sides are providing you with our top suggestions.

1.)     Anchor Brewing Company – Anchor Brew can be traced back to 1849 when the California Gold Rush was going on and German brewer Gottlieb Brekle arrived in San Francisco with his family. It is America’s first craft brewery with handmade all-malt beer made in their traditional copper brewhouse. Although Anchor has been mainly known for their ales such as their popular Summer Ale, Humming Ale, and Old Foghorn Ale; the beer company also has a nice light and crisp lager out called Anchor California Lager. Be sure to try a bottle out when you attend Outside Lands this weekend!

2.)    Magnolia Brewing Company – Another San Francisco based yet much smaller brewery attending Beer Lands, is Magnolia Brewing Company of Haight Street. They have been brewing in San Francisco under Haight for over 15 years. This little brewery provides its fans with ales, porters, IPA, lagers, and even ciders! With names like Kalifornia Kolsch, Spud Boy’s IPA, and Pomegranate Hard Cider, what is not to love?!

3.)    Speakeasy – Since 1997, the San Francisco brewery known as Speakeasy has been producing craft beer. Their popular brews include: Daddy IPA, Prohibition Ale, and seasonal brews Scarlett Red Eye and Tallulah Extra Pale Ale. Speakeasy has a love for all things taboo and underground, make sure you hit up their station at this year’s Outside Lands festival.

-Wine Lands-

For those who are not big fans of beer don’t worry, Outside Lands has a wide selection of wines for you to taste! All of the wine companies at Outside Lands are from California and consist of both red and white wines. B-Sides is providing you with our top wine suggestions to try out at this year’s festival.

1.)     Ghost Pines – If you are looking for wine that is from California’s own wine country known as Napa, then make sure you take a sip of some Ghost Pines wine. Winemaker Michael Eddy is the founder of Ghost Pines and uses only the best grapes for his wines. He mixes different types of grapes from different vineyards to make the most richest fruit flavors. Be sure to stop by the Ghost Pines station at Outside Lands to savor a glass!

2.)    Banshee – Banshee is unique as a winery in the sense that they do not own any of their own vineyards yet. Instead the company works with high-end vineyard owners and wineries to create wines with balance and purity. They spend a lot of time perfecting their wines’ taste and do so proudly. Be sure to give their wine a whirl when you come to Outside Lands 2013.

3.)    Turley  – If you’re looking for more Zinfandel or Petite Syrah wines then check out Turley Wine Cellars this year at the festival. Turley produces of 28 wines, most of that being specific vineyards designated to only creating Zinfandel or Petite Syrah. Another interesting fact about this winery is that they are certified by California Certified Organic Farmers as organic! So give this wine a try when you come to Outside Lands 2013.

-Food Lands/Taste the Bay Area-

Now when attending a three day music festival like Outside Lands, one is bound to get the munchies. But what kind of food does the festival provide you may ask, at Outside Lands 2013 there are so many different food options we couldn’t list them all. So here is B-Sides top food suggestions to take a bite out of at this year, including restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, cheese, and even lamb!

Escape From New York Pizza – For those who love pizza and love variety, make sure to check out Escape From New York. It is New York style and sized pizza with all different recipes to try such as garlic and potato, veggie, classic pepperoni and cheese, and so many other pizza combinations!

Il Cane Rosso – If you are more of a breakfast or brunch foodie, then make sure you visit the new Italian inspired restaurant Il Cane Rosso. With food like griddled French toast, fried egg sandwiches, and crispy hashbrowns, what more could a breakfast fiend ask for?!

Bacon Bacon – A food truck with this name has to be good right?! And indeed it is with recipes that include bacon burgers, spicy pork fries, and even chocolate covered bacon!

Seoul On Wheels –This Korean food truck serves up korritos and Korean rice plates! For those who love asian cuisine make sure to stop by here!

Sharona’s Chocolate Shop – If you are more of someone with a sweet tooth then make sure you come to the Chocolands area and get yourself some sweets treats from Sharona’s Chocolate Shop, such as chocolate dipped brownies and peanut butter cups!