The bad news: You just woke up with a hangover, you have twenty minutes to be somewhere and your hair looks worse than you feel. The good news: Hiding a bad hair day has never been so easy, or so easily chic. You have many fashionable options at your disposal, not the least of which is the classic hat. We all have these days, and even though they aren’t pretty, they don’t have to be disasters.

Read on for some tips on how to pull it off and how to cover it up.



For more emergency situations, when you need to cover it up all the way, go with the hat. Most of the time people will just think you made a grungy, trendy fashion choice that day and completely ignore the bags under your eyes. You have a couple of options to choose from, starting with the classic beanie. Topshop has an adorable beanie on the cheap, so does Urban Outfitters and most roommate’s closets also hold a great selection… just remember to bring them back unharmed.

If you want to go with a more fashion-forward topper, try a wider-brimmed hat in wool or leather. Free People has some really beautiful ones that can be great investment pieces and you can work them into your wardrobe almost all year long. The Gap is a great fall-back for basics like this, and with this gray fedora for men, they prove to be as useful as ever. It’s a great last-minute add-on for unruly locks.

If you are lucky enough to maybe not need so much help, or maybe you’re just here to get some get some tips on accessories and you’re wondering why people can’t just handle themselves on a Saturday night… Go with a head wrap.

You can find tons of handmade wraps on Etsy that are affordable, fashionable and it’s great to support the small business owners! One of my favorites is this green printed one that would complete any outfit and add a little something extra.

Along the same lines as a head wrap, I have been finding that a scarf or bandana used as a headband is not only adorable, but very effective at disguising bad hair as something else. Try picking something up from your favorite thrift store (they always have bins and bins full of them) or ask family members…sometimes Grandma has a few stashed away.

If you’re afraid that putting something on your head may attract attention and you would rather make the best of the situation and just forget about it, I have two words for you: Dry Shampoo. I have sung it’s praises before, and I’ll do it again. It’ll solve your greasiest problems and give you some volume to work with. If you can’t find any, baby powder can by used in a tight situation, but make sure not to over use or you’ll start to look powdery-white. The best thing to do is pick up one of the fail safe brands at your drugstore. I have tried Dove, Batiste and Pssst and liked them all.

When it comes down to it, we all have bad hair days, and if Lincoln could rock it, so can you.