Heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold has recently released their newest album Hail To The King just this last month! Originally from Huntington Beach, California, the band came together in the year of 1999. Avenged Sevenfold consists of members M. Shadows (vocals), Zacky Vengence (backing vocals, rhythm guitar), Synyster Gates (lead guitar, backing vocals), Johnny Christ (bassist), and Arin Ilejay (drummer). Hail To The King is the band’s fifth studio album they have released, although the album still has the band’s ass kicking attitude it does lack a sense of uniqueness as compared to earlier works. The album has a bit of a slower song pace with a style to a typical metal rock band sound. Their new album lacks more of a unique sound as well as less distinct sounding vocals, as heard in previous works such as “Seize the Day,” “Beast and the Harlot,” and “Bat Country.” The new album continues on with the bands usual themes of darkness, evil, and losing one’s sanity. We hear this in songs like “Heretic,” with lyrics like “…mad men they find what matters, turning witches and saints to ashes. Rising masses, marching to find heretic blood…” Overall the album is best suited for those who are true fans of today’s heavy metal hard rock bands. Otherwise the album seems a little mediocre to those that like more of a twist in their modern metal music. Hail To The King is now available for purchase online and in stores.

Check out the music video for “Hail To The King” here!