If you are looking for a new indie rock group to listen to, then you should check out London Grammar! Although their name may sound like you are talking about English spelling and punctuation, the trio are actually a band that came together back in 2009. Hannah Reid, Dot Major, and Dan Rothman met each other through the University of Nottingham. They had been playing small shows at local bars until years later in December of 2012 they released their single “Hey Now” online. As of July 2013 the song has had over 800,000 views on YouTube! Soon after, the band released their EP Metal & Dust in February of 2013, in which it made its way into the top 5 of the iTunes chart of Australia. They then released their single “Wasting My Young Years” in June of 2013 and the track peaked at number 31 on the UK Singles Chart and has reached over 780,000 views on YouTube. Their latest single “Strong,”which is featured on their new debut album If You Wait; is a song about someone giving the appearance of someone who knows what they are doing in life and seems highly confident in themselves. But in reality the person does not that feel that way deep down and in fact lacks confidence and views themselves with low self-esteem. We hear this with lyrics like, “Yeah I might seem so strong, yeah I might speak so long, I’ve never been so wrong, yeah I might seem so strong, yeah I might speak so long, I’ve never been so wrong.” Reid’s voice is deep and overpowering throughout the entire track, her voice reminds you that of Florence Welsh of Florence and the Machine. Overall the song has a dark emotional meaning that everyone who has ever doubted themselves before can relate to. If You Wait is now available for streaming on iTunes and Spotify.

Check out the music video for “Strong” here!