Garage rock n’ roll band Kings of Leon have released their sixth studio album known as Mechanical Bull, this past week! The album is a continuation of the band’s heavy guitar usage and prominent vocals combined with various issues including friendship, love, and of life – past and present. The best songs on the album include: “Don’t Matter,” “Temple,” “Wait For Me,” and “Comeback Story.” All of which have awesome instrumentation especially that of loud and catchy guitar riffs! Since 1999, the band has been together and express their road to fame in the song “Comeback Story” bygiving the impression of the band members reminiscing about the days before they made it big, with lyrics such as, “A comeback story of a lifetime, I walk a mile in your shoes and now I’m a mile away and I’ve got your shoes.” This provides listeners with a more insightful and mature Kings of Leon. Although they are well  known and loved for their “Sex On Fire” and “Use Somebody” hits, songs like “Comeback Story” and “Wait For Me” are much more relatable for fans and have a much deeper meaning than songs about hooking up or physical attraction. Overall the album is great for anyone who enjoys the musical mixture of hard rock and modern-day rock beats combined into one genre, as well as adding more inspiring and emotional songwriting. Kings of Leon are currently touring in the United States and Mechanical Bull  is available for streaming on iTunes and Spotify.

Check out the music video for their new hit “Supersoaker” here!