The Austin City Limits Survival Guide

Are you a local Austinite? Are you from out of town? No matter where you are from, here are some tips I have learned on how to survive ACL Fest.


  1. Pack light. Yes, you may be outside all day and there are so many things you could potentially need, but trust me, carrying around a giant purse or bag all day filled with “necessities” will get annoying real fast, especially in concert crowds.
  2. Check out the local food. This is Austin! The food alone is worth the trip. And with restaurants and food trucks everywhere, it’s kind of hard to miss out.
  3. DRINK! Out of towner’s this is especially for you! Austin is hot. You may have heard this, but trust me when you get here you will be shocked. Drink until you feel satisfied, then drink 2 gallons more. Food is not allowed but bring in sealed clear water bottles and you’re golden.
  4. Don’t over-do it on the first day. Or the second, or the third. I know, it’s easy to get carried away into trying to see every single band and trying to experience everything without breaks, but trust me, if you relax, take breaks, chill out, you will have much more fun.
  5. Being in Austin you will get exposed to many different types of people. It will be a cultural experience. So please be prepared to deal with this and the people.
  6. Hipsters. Austin is full of them. You will meet many of them. What do you do? Just don’t bring your cat or your vintage clothing and they will most likely ignore you.
  7. Bros. Austin is a college town. There are many of bro’s here. Just avoid the bright neon clothing and the random chants and you’re good.
  8. And the number one most important rule? Have fun!