LIVE REVIEW: Bronze Radio Return

It was a fully packed house on the night of October 2nd at the little Brick and Mortar venue in the Mission District of San Francisco. Everyone was excited to see singer/songwriter Graham Colton and folk revival band Bronze Radio Return. Colton’s performance was a good opening for the young band, with his witty talk and upbeat jams that warmed up the audience. Shortly after his performance, Bronze Radio Return made their way to the stage and immediately came out with a bang! The crowd was instantly enthralled by their loud and lively performances. Throughout the show each band member was in their own zone, each in love with their instruments and with performing for the first time in The City! You could see the passion they had for the traditional style music, especially with their band jamming which included solo jams from the guitarists, drummer, and even harmonica! Overall the band was very engaging with their fans and energetic with their performance skills. If you enjoy bands like Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, and the Avett Brothers then check out Bronze Radio Return when they come to a city near you!