It is a good indication that Summer is in her death throes when I can no longer take the dog for his nighttime walk without bringing something cozy along. This of course means that the search for the perfect fall coat begins. San Francisco weather makes the classic light-weight puffy coat a  la Uniqlo or GAP ideal for unexpected weather and versatility, but I urge you to expand your wardrobe and invest in a piece that will carry you fashionably though the these colder months. Here are my picks for a season of warmth and style:

Now, just because a coat is dealing with serious weather, doesn’t mean it has to take itself seriously. I will admit that there is  something to be said for the classic pea coat (although I’m not a huge fan), but you’ll be much happier on those gray, gloomy days if you can slip into something fun and lively. Here is an equally blue solution to the winter blues: A faux fur (always go faux!), large-collared, quilted coat that is cozy and fun. It’s absolutely perfect paired with literally anything. Go from night to day, from jeans to dresses, from heels to flats.

If you’re looking for something that works with more of your current wardrobe, then my pick is this sleek wool coat from Zara. Between the camel-colored lining and the heather gray outer you’ve got a color combination that will pair flawlessly with pretty much any outfit you could dream up. The less structured cut makes the coat modern and makes layering underneath much more feasible.

If you’ve noticed a boucle, soft, teddy-bear-like material trend in coats lately, you’re not imagining things. I am totally on board because they are wonderful to the touch and feel almost like you didn’t get out of bed that morning. The key with this trend is not to look like you wrapped your blanket around your shoulders and walked out the door. This Free People jacket is the perfect answer to this problem. With a structured collar and great color, the form is not shapeless.

I love my denim jacket, it’s been with me since the 7th grade (no joke) but I’ve always wished that it was fleece-lined to combat the wind that can seem to take a light jacket day to a why-didn’t-I-pack-a-parka day. Here is a classic blue denim jacket that adds flair and vintage style to any outfit, and it’s fleece-lined to boot! This lining will ensure that your denim jacket stays as your go-to piece all through the colder months.

Another great staple to have is a longer military style coat. With a lot of coverage and a large, lined hood, it’ll definitely keep you warm, but the style adds a bit of edge to your day. If you wear a lot of boots and black, this might be the perfect addition to your fall closet. The best part about these coats is that they don’t get dirty. With lighter colored coats like the trench, you have to worry about them getting dingy and looking cheap. With a great, dark-green military coat, you can make winter trips to the beach, bring it camping, and still look great heading to work on Monday morning.