A Great Big Pile of Leaves New Music Video “Snack Attack”

tumblr_m7tpq7PcH31qzxlbnIndie-rock band A Great Big Pile of Leaves recently released their music video for the song “Snack Attack.” An upbeat song, based on a relationship that just is not working out. All I can say is that “Snack Attack” left me craving more. 

What I liked about this video is how simple, yet visually entertaining it is. The video is set in a garage where the band is playing. The camera rotates around the room slowly and continuously, allowing you to see the room fully, but a little different each time. The drummer is in the same spot each turn, but with different props each time. While the other band players are jumping around the room, full of energy, in and out of view. They seem to be going “crazy”, which fits the song perfectly.

These guys really know how to make the most with what they’ve got, and for an up and coming band, this video is very promising. They show you don’t need a high budget to make an awesome music video and still be able to capture the audiences attention.