IMG_0141Day one of Fun Fun Fun Fest proved to be a great beginning to what we hope will continue to be a great weekend. The weather was nice and cool, staying in the 60’s all day and dipping down into the 50’s at night, making for perfect festival weather, and the talent did not disappoint either.


Spray Paint
Active Child

Along with the many musical acts and comedy, the professional skateboarding and biking proved to be just as entertaining. Professional athletes, both young and old, showed off their talent at the half pipes doing extreme tricks in front of the crowds. While bands like Active Child and Beach Fossils got the crowd ready for the night.

Spray Paint were one of the first bands to play today, and while not many people got to see them, the band certainly did their best to get everyone started.

Beach Fossils
Beach Fossils

Active Child brought a unique sound to the festival with singer Pat Grossi playing the harp during the set. Along with a beautiful Austin Skyline in the back, it made for a “magical” set, reminiscent somewhat of an old Coldplay performance.

Cut Copy

Beach Fossils was up next, playing more of a grunge type sound. The set was great, filled with energy and hype but what really stood out was their trippy exit song which was more of the lead singer telling a story with echo distortion, making for a really cool effect that the crowd really enjoyed.

Cut Copy appeared on stage just before Snoop Dogg, and completely pumped up the crowd, bringing everyone to their feet dancing. With synth and beat filled music and lights that would give even healthy people seizures, Cut Copy got people young and old into the rhythm, making it almost impossible not to move in some form during their set.

Snoop Dogg ended the night by keeping the crowd on their feet and singing along to every word. With backup dancers to help keep the crowd going, Snoop had no problem getting everyone to pay attention and “say his name”, during his long stoner friendly set.

And with even more bands and acts to see throughout the weekend, it is sure to get better everyday!

Cut Copy





Snoop Dogg A.K.A Snoop Lion