magic manBefore Boston band Magic Man, became the 5 piece band it is today the band originally started in 2010 as a duo with original members Alex Caplow and Sam Lee. Three years later bandmates Justine Bowe, Daniel Radin, and Nolan Robert became part of Magic Man. Caplow and Lee released their debut album Real Life Color in 2010 and this past February Magic Man has released their latest single “Paris” on their new EP You Are Here. “Paris” definitely reflects the bands pop rock synthsizer style. The song is about someone missing the days when they visited Paris, France, yet the city is talked about as if it were a woman the singer admired. We hear this in lyrics, “No I’m not ready to lose everything I know, I’m letting go of Paris, you know I held on too much I left you at the station, I put you in my past, and now darling, all that sh*t’s behind us, you never have to wonder, you never have to ask.” Fans of Passion Pit and The Heartbreaks should check out Magic Man. You Are Here is now available for streaming on Bandcamp.

Check out the single “Paris” here!