4f1d6c2b61b492c4f50d55eda35532e9Last time we revisited 90s classics like crop tops, daisy print, Doc Martens, Spice Girls-inspired LBDs and chokers.  There was plenty more that encapsulated 90s fashion than the trademark plaid shirts and overalls of the early part of the decade.  The decade ended with a hodge-podge ranging from backwards red baseball caps courtesy of Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit to the frosted tips and all white outfits from the impending ubiquitous boy bands.  Now we take a look at the trends we couldn’t escape during the decade that Michael Jordan dominated in basketball, Howard Stern brought “real talk” to the mainstream and the only way to see a montage of cat videos was on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.

1. Retro Sport Tops

As said in our last 90s post, crop tops were a major staple but often had a sporty twist and included lots of mesh details. Besides bright track jackets, which we’ll get to, sporting a large Adidas logo or oversized team gear was the way to go.




2. Backwards Baseball Caps

Everyone from TLC to the Olsen twins to Tyra Banks wore backwards baseball caps as the icing on the cake to any outfit. Now, the 90s influence is coming back with leather versions straight off the runway and models like Cara Delevigne wearing them as a part of her every day street style.



3. Prints: Loud & Proud

Fresh Prince did it all, but did loud prints best. Whether they were MC Hammer pants, track jackets, baseball caps–the list continues–that crazy, busy print was everywhere. TLC, who did the outfit variations before Destiny’s Child, also sported big, loud logos on their tees in addition to cartoon prints. Graphic print and slogan tees today still have that 90s touch.


4. Grunge Red Lipstick

Grunge’s moody and edgy vibe inspired makeup tones to be more burgundy and earthy brown. Drew Barrymore’s look below includes other 90s trends from our last post–daisies and LBDs. Dark, bold lipstick is a trend that already made its comeback in fall 2013 with red wine, plum and jewel tones.


5. Jean in Every Shape & Form

And last but not least–denim in every possible form. 80s gave us high-waisted denim mom jeans and shorts, which have made their rounds at music festivals, but the 90s graced us with jean jackets, baggy pants and my personal favorite, overalls. Flannel shirts or denim tops were often wrapped the waist, another trend we’ve seen come back today, same with shorteralls.


Did we miss any major trends? Would you bring any of these back?