baconandeggFood is universal, and whether silly or serious, reggae or pop, you can’t deny how catchy songs about food are. And with Thanksgiving only two weeks away, why not get ready with ten of the best songs about food?

1.      Peanut Butter by The Marathons

I like peanut butter, creamy peanut butter! So good, they wrote a song about it.

2.      Eat it by Weird Al

This comedic twist on Michael Jackson’s, “Beat It” is what every chef wants to yell at people when food gets sent back.

3.      Beans and Cornbread by Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five

What did the beans say to the cornbread?

4.      Coconut by Harry Nilsson

The movie “Practical Magic” comes to mind when I think of this song. Also, I now cannot hear the words coconut and lime together without singing this song.

5.      Eggs and Sausage by Tom Waits

This song describes the wonderful experience of going to a diner. A La Mode if you will, if you have time to kill.

6.      Milk & Cereal by G.Love & Special Sauce

An ode to the childhood(or adult) breakfast favorite, cereal and milk.

7.      Ham ‘N’ Eggs by A Tribe Called Quest

I do not relate to this song. No ham ‘N’ Eggs? What? But I suppose we should promote healthy eating somewhere.

8.      Red Beans by Professor Longhair

R&B at its finest, singing about something delicious. Does it really get any better?

9.      Know Your Chicken by Cibo Matto

Do you know you’re chicken? You’ve got to know your chicken! Cibo know’s her chicken.

10.  Peanut Butter Jelly Time by The Buckwheat Boyz

As annoying as this song is, I feel it deserves to be on this list somewhere. Who doesn’t love peanut butter and jelly time?