Basic-Vacation-I-BelieveIndie pop trio Basic Vacation, began their musical journey through tough times and found their big break when Grammy Award winning producer David Kahne came across their early demos. Impressed by their sound, Kahne decided to produce their featured hit “I Believe.” The song was released on their self titled EP that dropped this past October. The band plans to release a debut full length album in 2014. “I Believe” is an upbeat anthem that is about not listening to those who put you down in life and believing in your dreams. We hear this in lyrics like, “I believe, I believe in me and you, no matter what they put us through, or what they try to do…and all the things I love in life and all the things I do and like, come from me and you.” With the release of their EP, the band feels very optimistic about their future. Fans of Youngblood Hawke and Smallpools should check out Basic Vacation!

Check out the official music video for “I Believe” here!