The_Ceremonies-bandThe latest video from The Ceremonies takes you on a trip back in time to childhood, or maybe just the 80’s. The video switches from old-school home video looking shots of the band to a classic old-time looking cartoon of the band as children. Each shot shows a progression of the band, their childlike selves exploring, while their adult selves make art, until the two finally meet.

Focusing on the themes of art and adventure, this video is playful with a nod towards all forms of art, incorporating not only their obvious musical artistry but also painting, writing, and cinematography as well. “Land of gathering” completely captures the wonderment of childhood dreams and creativity through art, imagination, and sounds. The band consisting of three brothers, we can only imagine the kinds of creative childhood these guys had.

The Ceremonies also manage to keep the 80’s feel alive in this video, adding their own modern alternative edge with the band fully attired in modest 80’s apparel and hairstyling, complete with leather pants and large hair. Going so well with synths, this song is perfectly represented and  themed well in this video.

Hailing from Los Angeles, The Ceremonies are made up of three brothers Matthew, Mark, and Michael Cook. They are currently managed by one of the top in the industry, Troy Carter, who also manages other hit artists such as Lady Gaga and John Legend.