Paramore-paramore-34107617-756-567Formed in 2004, Paramore has been around gracing the world with their music for almost 10 years now. With four albums under their belt, all certified gold and platinum, this band has shown the world they have what it takes to be musicians and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. Although this band has gone through new members, fans are still just as enchanted by their punk rock attitude today as they were when the band first started. So what are some of the reasons we keep them around?

5. Hayley Williams.

What can be said about lead singer Hayley Williams other than that she is the epitome of perfection. At a young age of 24, this young star has wisdom way beyond her years and has become one of the leading punk/pop rolemodels for young girls around the world.

4. They don’t take themselves too seriously.

Have you seen their latest music video? Riding bikes around in the house, paint splattered everywhere, ridiculous outfits. This band clearly knows how to party and we’d like to join them!

3. The concerts.

As mentioned above, this band knows how to party, which they kind of should. Every show they put on is like one big party and the whole crowd gets to join in. It takes more than just good songs to stay in the music game these days and Paramore goes above and beyond.

2. The punk rock attitude.

From “Misery Business” to “That’s What You Get” Paramore has been one of the leaders of punk/rock music. Maybe it’s the punk attitude, the rebellious feel of “Riot” or just the fact that their music is so catchy, Paramore have been a poster child of punk rock since the start of their career.

1. The music.

This is an obvious one. If we didn’t like the music they wouldn’t still be around, but with their most recent album reaching 106,422 copies sold and counting, plus being certified gold, it’s clear the population loves this band.