Brooklyn singer/songwriter Kevin Devine and his backing band known as The Goddamn Band, released not one, but two new albums! Bubblegum and Bulldozer were both released this past October. Devine is known for his acoustic yet political songwriting, he has been influenced by indie artists/bands like Nirvana, Elliott Smith, and Pavement to name a few. The albums were produced by a fundraiser that Devine created himself. The musician asked fans to help raise money for the two albums; he raised over $114,805 for his seventh album Bulldozer, which he produced with Rob Schnapf, and his eighth album Bubblegum, which was produced with Brand New’s Jesse Lacey and supported with The Goddamn Band. Bubblegum features the hit single also titled “Bubblegum.” The song is about growing up and surviving in the real world, such as working and raising a family. We hear this with lyrics, “But you waited, knowing better, you just let me spin, from the ashes to the altar, to your door again. That one’s Gabriel, that one’s Bubblegum, and there’s another one.” The track has a pop/rock sound that reminds you of bands such as Silverstein and Fall Out Boy. Bubblegum and Bulldozer are currently available for streaming on iTunes.

Check out the official music video for “Bubblegum” here!