e86216_2d39ce2dd4b0e1b80553efff366eb754You may recognize Jason Lancaster as being one of the founding members of Mayday Parade. More recently, after unknown reasons for Jason’s leaving Mayday, he went on to form a new band called Go Radio. After being together and touring for several years, a recent fallout took place this past year within the band and they are now no more. Jason is determined to stay in the music business however, putting an ad on indiegogo to raise money to pursue his passion for a career in music. But will he be able to pull through for his fans without the rest of the band?

We’ve seen careers in the past dwindle away to nothing when faced with being a solo act, and yet we’ve also seen some soar, just look at Beyonce. No matter where you are starting from though, the music industry is not always the easiest. The fans are the leading factor on whether or not you can continue with your career and sometimes with fallouts, fans will choose sides. After Jason left Mayday Parade there were even people split between Go Radio and Mayday Parade.

Although there is no way of knowing exactly why these fallouts took place or who was to blame, in both cases it seems that Jason was either left out of the loop, or left the band out of the loop. Perhaps for these reasons it is a good thing he is going solo. And with any hope his solo music will be just as good as it was in both previous bands.