b-sides-collageB-Sides On-Air is broadcast on KBCW-44/cable 12 in the San Francisco Bay Area every Saturday night after SNL at 1a. We know it may be a time when either a) you’re out or b) passed out! So, make sure to DVR us every week and check out some highlights from the show here! This past weekend, Tim Gick from psych-rock band, TV Ghost helped out with guest-hosting duties and talked about the band’s mesmerizing debut, “Disconnect”. We showcased an interview with Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith of The Naked and Famous, who released their latest album, “In Rolling Waves” this year. From Southern California, all-sibling band, Echosmith talked about growing up in a musical household, their debut album and more. Lorde is locked at the top spot on our top 10 countdown, check out the list and the vids on this page on the right side!

Thom from The Naked and Famous describe the band’s latest release, ““In Rolling Waves“ as “The Empire Strikes Back“ and “Passive Me, Aggressive You“ is “A New Hope”. Need we say more? Alisa and Thom from the band took a moment to talk about the album process, Alisa’s cooking and more.

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Thom + Alisa From The Naked And Famous Interview with B-Sides On-Air

Echosmith was already hard at work before the fall release of their debut album, “Talking Dreams”. The all-sibling band played the Warped Tour 2013 this past summer and had gained a growing loyal following by releasing covers on YouTube. The band took a moment during their San Francisco visit to talk about their experience in the City by the Bay, friendship with musician, Seal, and more.

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Echosmith Interview with B-Sides On-Air: Talk Music, Seal + More

TV Ghost is an up-and-coming band from Lafayette, Indiana who make mesmerizing shoe-gaze, psych-rock. They just released the album, “Disconnect”, and we showcased the video, “Five Colors Blind” on the show. Coming up in January, we’ll have them on the show performing. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what they’re about:

TV Ghost - Five Colors Blind