of_monsters_and_men-770x436One of the beauties of internet and technology is that we get to experience foreign culture without leaving the comfort of our home. In the past we’ve always had a love for foreign music and 2013 was no exception. Many of the top songs and albums from this year came from musicians hailing from all over the world including Iceland, England, and Australia.

Of Monsters and Men became one of the leading bands this year with hits like “Little Talks” and “Mountain Sound”. Hailing from Iceland, this charming band intrigued us with their folklore tunes telling both new and old stories with their own fresh twist.

Although Mumford and Sons stated they were to go on a “break” for a while after their tour in 2013, they still managed to get high track plays on radios all over the country.

Little lady Lorde from Australia has appeared everywhere since she broke out with “Royals”. She has dominated charts and record sales in 2013 and is no doubt a leader in music around the world.

All of these along with acts like Passenger, Ed Sheeran, and Avicii gave us a glimpse into other worlds and clearly we are thankful for it. Perhaps it’s just the slight changes and perspectives we hear from these bands that make them really stand out, or maybe it’s the water they’re drinking that make them musically brilliant, but whatever it is we hope they continue doing it.