PixiesAlternative rock band the Pixies are following up their recent release of EP-1 with a similar named EP known as EP-2. Just four months apart, these EP’s are debuting many changes for this classic band.

Formed in 1986, this band got together when  Joey Santiago and Black Francis met while living next door to each other during their time at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. They began practicing and writing songs in a warehouse until they finally recruited more members. Wanting specifically a woman bass player, they seeked and found Kim Deal. With no bass playing experience they hired her just because of her musical taste. A little later on David Lovering was hired after Kim’s husband had suggested him.

With many changes happening around the release of these past two EP’s, including Kim leaving the band, gaining a new female bassist, then her leaving as well, some are skeptical this is really good timing. Despite all of that the band still plans on going on a North American tour in the spring followed by festivals all over the world in the summer. Good timing or not Pixies seem to be ready to get back out there and tour and does anyone really mind?

Check out one of their latest songs “Blue Eyed Hexe” below and be sure to find a show date near you on their website here.