Five Albums To Check Out This Spring

4e359fccOh the joys that spring brings us. Better weather, spring cleaning, and new albums that can turn into our soundtracks for the rest of the year. Keeping up with the latest bands, songs and albums can be an almost impossible task. New music is constantly being published and new bands pop up everywhere that who has time to figure out what’s good and what’s being released? This list is for you. This spring is going to be filled with amazing albums and artists that will make the season that much more enjoyable.


Phantogram “Voices”

Release date February 18th.

This will be this synthpop duo’s first full-length album since their LP Eyelid Movies. To say we’ve been patiently waiting for this album to come out is an understatement. We’re ready.

The Fray “Helios”

Release Date February 25th.

It’s always a good sing when your first single release is already a hit before the album comes out. We do hope there are more life changing theme songs like “How To Save A Life” as well.

Imogen Heap “Sparks”

Release date March 3rd.

Imogen Heap has been known to be unique but throughout this album they are taking it to the next album. The fact that they ask their fans to send in their footprints when they pre-order this album so they can be on the album? That’s a special bond between musicians and fans.

Foster the People “Supermodel”

Release date March 18th.

“Supermodel” has a lot to live up to after their hit album “Torches” but something tells me they won’t have too much trouble. Maybe it’s the catchy first single release “Coming of Age” that has us in a trance but we have much faith in these guys.

Manchester Orchestra “Cope” 

Release date April 1st.

Manchester Orchestra has always made great music in a style that is completely their own, something verging on heavy alternative rock. This album promises heavier sounds than ever before reinforcing their unique vibe.

And in case those aren’t enough, many more artists are expecexted to release albums later this year as well. Although there are no set dates or names for the albums, U2, Lily Allen, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Flyleaf are all amongst the rumoured early 2014 album releases.