photo-116-1024x1024You may be a regular to music, or any type of festival, but SXSW is a completely different experience. On one side of the street there may be a vender trying to capture your attention with all of the latest fancy gadgets, while on the other side an awesome band is playing great music. Tens of thousands of people gather to the not-so-small anymore city Austin Texas, not just for one weekend but a full week! Do you think you can handle the sensory overload? Luck for you, we’ve gathered some tips that might just help you out.


1. Plan what you really want to see and explore the rest of the time.

Don’t try and plan out your entire week with an agenda. Chances are you’ll look at the lists of events going on and get discouraged. Just walking around will give you plenty of opportunities for fun and won’t make you feel so stressed about being certain places at certain times. But for those certain people you just cannot miss, go ahead and make a plan to get there ahead of time.

2. There’s an app for that.

For the things you do want to plan out, check out one of the awesome SXSW apps that will tell you where to go and when.

3. Stay hydrated.

This is Texas after all, it may be 30 degrees one day and 80 the next. No matter what the weather, be sure not to drink too many of those cocktails and shots they’re always handing out, and do grab a bottle of water. Remember, you’ve got a whole week to get through.

4. Explore other parts of Austin.

Being around drunk people and loud music for a full week can be exhausting. So if you find yourself with a headache why not venture to some more quieter parts of Austin, like say one of Austins top restaurants. Trust the diners with a quick look at yelp or look at Eater Austin’s top 38 restaurants.

5. Dress appropriately

It being Austin you will see many hipsters and that’s fine, but don’t feel the need to look like them. Wearing super tight jeans and toms may look good but wearing those shoes and getting blisters while your pants stick to your legs because you’re sweaty is not what you want to be worrying about. Pick modest outfits that make you feel comfortable and you can wear all day.

6. Take what you need to survive. 

Cell phone chargers, advil, earplugs, cash, and you I.D. are all pretty essential to SXSW. The first day you may not feel like you need them but trust us, by day 2 you will thank us.

7. Have fun!

This is the most important part to SXSW. You’re going to be on a sensory overload, there’s going to be a ton of people, but you’re going to have so much fun whilst their. Free goodies left and right, celebrities everywhere, by the time you leave you’ll have gained life memories you won’t soon forget.