Night BedsEvery once in a while a band will come along that really captures your attention. From out of no where they shake things up and bring something new, genuine, and refreshing to the table. This band for me, has been Night Beds. Founded by Winston Yellen, this band resembles the likes of Jeff Buckley; featuring hauntingly beautiful lyrics and harmonies. With subjects ranging from love, heartbreak, and drug abuse, listening to this band is almost like listening to someones journal. The subjects and emotion are real.

With just one EP and one album underneath their belt, Night Beds have managed to conjure up more emotion in people than most artists with ten albums. Unlike so many, you can tell that these songs aren’t just words on a page for them, they are their stories. They have experienced these songs and are simply sharing them with us. Which of course is true. These guys have said that most of these songs were written on a couch with a couple of drinks, whilst they were in hard times. Writing songs was only natural.

And while some may think they are just so hard to get to and not promotional enough, that doesn’t seem to be the goal for them. With even a managed twitter account, if you want to reach them you’ll have to be approved first. But when the music is your main goal, that doesn’t really matter. They have more important things to worry about, such as writing and recording more records. Which can be a very tall order when trying to follow up their latest album “Country Sleep” released earlier this year. The album starts off with nothing but soft singing for over a minute, ushering you in and en-capturing you with the delicate words. Something not a lot of bands can get away with as gracefully as they do.

To check out more of their music and find out the latest news, check out their website here.