SXSW-SceneSXSW is in full swing now and we’re just getting into the music portion of it. Already we’ve had surprise appearances from from none other than Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez not to mention the many A-list celebrities here for the film portion of the festival, such as Nicolas Cage and Kristen Bell. So what else does this festival have in store for us?

With the music portion now to be dominating the festival, people are lining up to get into these prestigious shows. Literally. Lines backed up all around the building to get into the Hype Hotel show, featuring The Colourists, Tokyo Police Club, Magic Man and more and this was just one of the many shows going on last night. The itunes music festival also went on last night feauring Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and London Grammar. A lineup sure to bring nothing but sheer talent to the table and of course due to the fact that tickets were a sheer chance of luck at getting, everyone who went was sure to show it off.

As the days go on so do the amazing acts, we’ve still got a lot ahead of us! Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for more secret shows and pop-up parties!