IMG_1706kSXSW 2014 is still in full swing and music has completely taken over. Walking anywhere in the downtown area of Austin you can hear music pouring from every direction. 6th street has become a complete roar of music as bands play in almost every other bar, making it easy to get lost in a trance of noise. This is one of the many things I love about SXSW. Sure there are shows and special events such as seeing Lady Gaga which, who am I kidding I’m jealous of everyone who got in, but lucky for us you don’t have to go through so much work or be lucky enough to get into great shows. There is plenty of awesome talent all around you just waiting to jjbe discovered. Take the Austin Convention Center stage for instance. These stages have been fairly small, not to rowdy as they are right next to the exhibitions but they have been featuring bands like Phantogram and NO, bands that are wildly gaining popularity. Just one of the many chances to see great live music. And of course the various street performers offer plenty to see as well.

Other showcases around town have been making a lot of buzz lately, take Tyler the Creators show along with the rest of Odd Future at the Scoot Inn. Tyler made sure that anyone wanting to get in, got in. As guards tried to hold back the hundred or so people still waiting to get in, Tyler created a movement to get everyone to push inside at once, making it impossible for guards to hold them back. Everyone is happy now. Another show that offered much to the public was Twin Shadows surprise pop-up show in none other than a dumpster. Poking fun of all of the secret shows that go on during SXSW, Twin Shadows performed to a crowd of people who of course followed the music to the lovely, uh, dumpster stage.


One show that really hooked me in was actually Bipolar Sunshine playing at Bar 96. After a long day of the hustle and bustle that is SXSW, Bipolar Sunshine offered a mellower alternative for those who had danced all day. The full-house crowd was entranced with the music and for a moment the craziness subdued just a little.

Keep checking back for more updates as SXSW is still not over!