IMG_1824Friday at SXSW proved itself to be crazy. As more and more people showed up for the weekend the crowds grew even more. Lines spanned all around buildings and the hopes of getting into some shows proved almost impossible. Thankfully due to larger park shows there were still some places for people to see a great show. 

Walking through downtown the music continued to pour out and doors and windows were left wide-open for everyone to hear. IMG_1791Metal  heard whether you wanted it or not, while shows inside played almost secretly with a completely different vibe. With every turn of the corner there is something different to enjoy. The one common thing is the music, uniting thousands of people at once. and guitars thrashed in some of Austin’s most well known bars on 6th street, making the music

While walking into the convention center to see the next showcase band I was greeted with a smooth soulful voice coming from Angelina IMG_1768Lucero. This lovely lady had style and moves as she got lost in the music. She also managed to gather a good crowd despite the show being held at one of the lesser visited venues. Her music reminded me somewhat of Lorde; techno, dance, and soulful all at the same time. One of those musicians who can manage to make you want to dance and still touch your heart at the same time.

The headliners at the free sure-to-get-in show at Butler Park last night were none other than Foster the People. Openers Young & Sick and Washed Out did their best to get the crowd pumped but with so much music happening elsewhere, many people didn’t show up until IMG_1819Foster did. The show started with a few minutes of suspenseful music, making the crowd anxious for the music before finally appearing on stage. They played a nice long set featuring both old favorites and some of their latest releases off of their new album “Supermodel”. The crowd got into the old music, singing along and dancing but the contrast between the hype with the new stuff was clearly apparent. No one really knew this stuff and that fact made it almost awkward. Nonetheless Foster put on a great show with great energy and whether the crowd got into the new stuff or not they clearly had a great time and gave it all they had.