ingridmichaelson_cropped_appleFew artists manage to be as adorably dorky as well as Ingrid Michaelson does. From her sophisticated nerdy dress style to her realistically sassy songs, Ingrid Michaelson is like the best friend you’ve always wanted. While she may be the cool nerd, this singer/songwriter has used her brains and talent to her own advantage. From the start in 2002 she began writing and recording her own music and promoting herself on Myspace while playing shows around New York cafes. Eventually after building up enough songs she released her first album Slow the Rain through her own label, Cabin 24 Records. She started out selling this albums at shows before pulling it off the market. Then in 2006 she released her sophomore album Girls & Boys, peaking at #63 on the Billboard charts. While she gained much interest from various record labels, Michaelson was smart with how she wanted to produce her music. She eventually made a deal with Original Signal Records the same year who would then handle the marketing and distributing for her. Since this success, Ingrid has reached the 5th album mark and has announced a 6th to be released April 15th, entitled Lights Out. 

Along with being beautiful and smart, this girl is even venturing into gender equality with her newest single “Girls Chase Boys”, causing quite a buzz. With lyrics reading “Girls chase boys chase girls. It’s all the same thing” she is standing up to stereotypes despite the harsh critics from some. And if you haven’t already seen the video for this latest song, I highly recommend you check it out below.

This young lady could potentially be the next “It” girl. She’s got style, she’s got grace and she’s standing up to the typical pop-star look creating her very own style. This is why we love Ingrid Michaelson; for bringing the glasses back, standing up when others wont and being fabulously awesome.

Be sure to check out her website for all of the latest Ingrid Michaelson news and don’t forget to pre-order her newest album Lights Out as well, here.