Smashing Pumpkins Announce Two New Albums

That’s right, not one but two LPs have been announced for 2015 from Billy Corgan brainchild, The Smashing Pumpkins. Not much info is available yet but we know “Monuments To An Elegy” will be the first released and “Day For Night” the second.

According to the Pumpkins’ online nexus fans can expect “guitars, guitars, guitars, and more guitars.” This should come as no surprise to fans of their eight other studio albums. The usual mix of melancholy lyrics and hard hitting riffs will most likely be the backbone for these new additions to the Pumpkins body of work.

Regardless of a revolving door policy where line-up is concerned the sound of the band has been essentially consistent. This newest incarnation has been a bit more reflective and despondent than the previous ones. Jeff Schroder, Mike Byrne, and Nicole Fiorentino have been with Corgan for their previous two albums, Tear Garden by Kaleidyscope (2009) and Oceania (2012). While still just as heavy and sad as Pumpkins faithfuls would want, their last two albums’ lyrics were more narrative. Tear Garden was a concept album based on stories from the Tarot. Oceania was more conceptual, being a companion to the story told in Tear Garden. No word on whether or not the two new records with have some unifying plot, however.

Basically, fans of the band who liked the past two albums should probably expect more of the same from the next two. This band has carved out a niche in the musical universe that is undeniable, and hardcore fans have remained loyal. The rest of us just take the Pumpkins for what the are. Because, loving them or hating them is an exercise in patience. This hard-rock sub genre bending act lets the audience choose to come to them, or not. These upcoming projects will likely be more of the same for Corgan and friends, meaning they will be thematically different from anything they’ve done before while staying musically similar.


Click here to see the official announcement while taking a listen to a Smashing Pumpkins classic.

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