ALBUM REVIEW: Forcefield by Tokyo Police Club

tokyo-police-club-forcefieldFor those of you who haven’t already heard, indie-rockers Tokyo Police Club are back with their first album since 2010’s “Champ”. The band teased fans when they debuted the first song off the new album “Argentina (Parts I, II, III)” and further incited the frenzy when they officially released “Hot Tonight” as their first single. “Since writing started for “Forcefield” in mid-2011 there have been so many trends and every kind of ‘wave.’ We saw them all come and disappear or change into something broader. It left us wanting to make something that would last.” stated the band’s vocalist and bassist David Monks.

“Forcefield” takes the best of all TPC’s previous work and mashes it all together in a new, punch-meets-polish sound that shows a different, experimental side to the band’s sound. The band’s experimentation is very evident, even from the get go on first tracks “Argentina (Part I,II,III)” and “Hot Tonight”. The album then flows back and forth between anthemic-rock tracks like “Miserable” and “Tunnel Vision” to breezy, mellow tracks like “Toy Gun” and “Through the Wire”. Each and every song is carefully crafted in mood, tone, and lyric to create an effortless flow as the band’s time and commitment to their craft and creating “something that would last” manifest itself in track after track. This album is well worth the 3 year wait in our opinion.

Forcefield is now available for purchase via iTunes/Amazon and streaming via Spotify.

Tokyo Police Club - Hot Tonight (Official Video)