02luciusSpring has arrived and with it we make room for new and better things. It’s time to clean out our old stuff and make it new again; so why not clean out our playlists and make some new ones? Here are a list of five bands to keep your eyes on right now, that may end up being your new favorites for the spring and summer.

1. The Districts

Hailing from Pennsylvania, The Districts are bringing back an old-time sound that people have been missing. Their songs are completely original and will make you fall in love with every beat.

Song to listen to-“Lyla”

2. Lucius

This five piece band has a beat that is undeniably catchy that makes you just want to get up and dance. Hailing from Brooklyn, one listen to their song “Turn It Around” and I gaurantee you won’t be able to get them out of your head.

Song to listen to-“Turn It Around”

3. Vance Joy

Hailing from Australia, Vance Joy is an indie music lovers dream come true. Featuring songs with soul and acoustic guitars, this young mans music will definitely be the soundtrack for many people this summer.

Song to listen to-“Riptide”

4. Sir Sly

Sir Sly are a young trio with a sound somewhat resembling The Neighbourhood. Their songs, while sometimes sounding dark, are packed with emotion and truth pulling you in.

Song to listen to-“Gold”

5. Reignwolf

To start off with this band; they are crazy. If you love rock and awesome pumped up shows in which many crazy stunts occur, then you will love Reignwolf.

Song to listen to-“Are You Satisfied”