Originally from Shreveport, Louisana is the rock trio known as Lions May Cry. The band consists of members Jimmy Wooten (vocals, guitar), his sister Laura Wooten (vocals, bassist), and good friend Cody Lowery (vocals, drums). The band has a distinctive hard rock and electronic sound, this especially heard in their hit track “Already Gone.” The track is fast-paced and combines loud instrumental as well as a faint synthesizer, which plays in the background of the melodic vocals of Jimmy and Laura. The song itself is about warning someone about a heartless female who only cares about herself. We hear this in lyrics, “She’ll never change for you, she will love you then leave when you thought she’d never go.” The song ends with a detailed and complex guitar solo and overall has a mainstream appeal such as bands like Imagine Dragons and Jimmy Eat World. “Already Gone” is featured on Lions May Cry’s self-titled debut EP, and is currently available on iTunes and Spotify.

Check out the official music video for “Already Gone” here!

Lions May Cry - Already Gone