Growing up in a family of musicians and band managers, it’s no surprise that Christie and Collin DuPree decided to follow the career path of their family’s and begin a band of their very own. Since a young age the two lived life on the road following in the footsteps of siblings and cousins, Eisley. They started their musical journey around the age of 13 with songwriting and learning the guitar. Merriment started their official musical career back in 2010 after opening for Eisley, and later officially releasing their four track album Through The Rough in March of 2012. The band recently released a new EP called Backwards this past year, with their hit single “Backwards.” The song has a combination of beautiful lyrics and vocals from Christie, along with the upbeat folk instrumental sound. Merriment is currently working on a full length album that is to be released sometime this year. Fans of Eisley and She & Him should check out Merriment!

Listen to the official track for “Backwards” here!

Merriment "Backwards"