Grouplove-grew-out-of-friendship-3QM4AA9-x-largeSummer is right around the corner and already the anticipation is driving us crazy. As I’m sure many of you have already, we’ve begun to daydream of sunshine, good times, and a summer romance. While there is still a little bit of time before summer is officially hear, we’ve already begun to round-up some songs to complete our summer playlist. From cute love songs to get us through our romances, to fun and happy songs to play at parties, we’ve got some of the best just for you.

5. Eric Hutchinson-Tell the World

This song is not only catchy but it’s actually good. It’s a song you can play over and over and never get tired of it and that’s exactly what you need during the summer.

4. Neon Trees-Sleeping With a Friend

During the summer a lot of people begin to grow a little crazy and carefree. We’re not saying this, uh, situation will happen to you but if it does just sing along to every word and forget about the worries!

3. Boy & Bear-Southern Sun

Boy & Bear are geniuses when it comes to music and they show it with this song. Now what we love about this song is it is the perfect road-trip track. It’s not blaring at you or to boppy to get annoying, it soothes and puts you in a different place.

2. Grouplove-Shark Attack

Just from the title “Shark Attack” immediately thoughts of the beach come to mind, however not only is the title appropriate but the beat of this song just scream summer. Having a party? Don’t start until you’ve played this song.

1. The Black Keys-Fever

There’s no doubt when you hear this song it just makes you think of a hot summer during the 80’s with all of your cares throw out the window. As the weather grows hotter it can almost make you grow feverish but of course not as bad as that summer fling.