imageI’m sure many of us remember this band not only by their unusual name, but by their threat of explosion in their hit 2005 track, “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.” But what happened to this indie rock group you may ask? The band has continued making music to this day! Since the release of their 2005 album With Love And SqualorKeith Murray, Chris Cain, and Andy Burrows went on to release their third full length album Brain Thrust Mastery in 2007-2008. Between 2009-2010 the band began producing a television series on MTV called Steve Wants His Money, which was featured on Lil MTV programming in the United Kingdom, as well as record and release their fourth album, Barbara. Today the band released their latest and fifth full-length album known as TV en Francais, on March 3rd, 2014! The album features the band’s popular new track “Make It Easy.” A mellow track about getting a chance to be with the girl the singer admires. We Are Scientists’ new album and other singles are currently available for streaming and download on iTunes and Spotify.

Listen to We Are Scientists’ “Make It Easy” here!