scene-light-hands-concertWe have all experienced the feeling when festival season rolls around and you are faced with the decision of going to a festival or seeing a couple of concerts. Which do you choose? While the two do have one thing in common, which is to bring music to the public, they are both completely different experiences. So we thought we would take a look at some of the pros and cons of both to help you decide which is the best for you.

PROS: Concerts

While concerts have dramatically fewer acts playing, you are guaranteed to see the band you are there to see and get to see their full set including any stage props they put on during the shows. Many times during festivals sets are shortened and condensed.

CONS: Concerts

Often times bands will be touring with bands you might not know, or care for, so you’re essentially paying for half of a show. And if you really don’t like them, you might not be able to leave and come back depending on the venue.

PROS: Festivals

At festivals you have the freedom of walking around the grounds and seeing more bands than you can count. You watch half a set for one band then easily leave and see someone else as much as you please. You also get the opportunity to see and discover tons of bands you never would have otherwise.

CONS: Festivals

Festivals can be exhausting and overwhelming if you’re not used to being outside and around such large crowds for long periods of times. Sometimes just one concert is good enough.

So take these into consideration this festival/concert season, but most importantly remember to have fun no matter which you choose to go to!