thumbThe music and entertainment industry has created fine lines between men and women. With separate categories for each at music awards and writers everywhere creating their own “top male/female” lists, we treat them almost as different genres. Yes, there are many differences and the separation is great sometimes, we’re also curious however, who is on top in this game of chance? The entertainment industry has been a male dominated industry for as long as it’s been around, but is that still true today?

Nowadays, artists like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga are breaking records with sales, awards, number one singles and albums, proving they have what it takes to win people over. Of course, the men in the industry aren’t doing too bad themselves, racking up all sorts of awards and sales as well. Taking a look at the current Billboard HOT 100 list, the top ten is currently being run by six males and 4 females,  but is that enough to prove anything? Well, no not really. The gap is far too small. So is this gender gap just made up in todays age?

While women are definitely more involved in the industry today than ever before, the truth is that men still hold most of the power. They tend to win more awards, get more number one hits and, in general, have less drama surrounding them. They are judged on their music unlike many women in the industry who find themselves reading about their personal lives more than anything else. So what should we do about this? First off, lets not try and forget or dismiss any of the talent on the mens side, because they have earned their awards for a reason. But let’s be thankful we have lovely ladies like Beyonce who help change things just a little bit. After all, who runs the world?