imageIt’s that time of year again, when tassels are turned from right to left and young adults become REAL adults! Yes it’s graduation! But it’s not only a time of celebration for the typical college or high school student; musicians and celebrities alike are also completing the education chapter of their lives. For instance this past weekend, rapper and music industry leader Sean “Puff Daddy” “P. Diddy” Combs gave his commencement speech at Howard University in Washington DC, as he accepted his honorary doctorate degree of Humanities. A lot of controversy surrounded Combs, as he had originally left the university before completing his Bachelors degree. Yet many students rejoiced with Combs stating “Combs’ personal story and success demonstrates that people can take different journeys but still be successful.” Combs himself stated, “if I didn’t leave school early, I would of been more prepared.” A message that gives hope to recent and current college students and graduates, that although it might seem bleak right now in the job market, we must always remember that education prepares you for life no matter where life takes you. Congratulations to the class of 2014!

Check out Diddy’s commencement speech here!

Sean Combs' 2014 Howard University Commencement Speech