Dave Ghrol as the DevilThere have only been a few times that live music was blended movie outside of musicals. It was done well even fewer times. Hollywood doesn’t include a lot of live performances in their productions. Honestly, we don’t see why. Judging by the films on this list, it seems like major motion pictures have his concert thing down. Have a look (and a listen) at some of the greatest concerts ever featured in non-musical movies.

8.) EuroTrip

While it’s not technically a concert, Matt Damon’s performance of Lustra’s “Scotty Doesn’t Know” is the most memorable scene from this movie.  While it’s filled with bawdy humor and sophomoric gags, the oscar winner’s punkish singing was a highlight. Have an earful of this early 2000’s soundtrack exclusive jam below.

Scotty Doesn't Know

6.) The Simpsons Movie

This particularly live show was a fun surprise, even if it wasn’t live-action. The Simpsons Movie was a high point of Matt Groenig’s long-running cartoon.Their cameo managed to stand out among appearances from Tom Hanks and virtually every character ever featured on the show. They got the best exposure in the scene below.

5.) Idle Hands

This horror comedy was a classic teen B-movie. Full of R-rated humor and violent blood-spilling it was the perfect film for fans of the genre. Sure, one could accuse this movie of being little more than a vehicle for Seth Green and stoner humor. But, The Offspring playing “I Wanna Be Sedated” during the prom scene gave the audience something more than just jokes. Check out the video below.

The Offspring - I Wanna be sedated (Idle Hands)

3.) Pick of Destiny

Does this movie count as a musical? Who cares, Dave Ghrol plays the devil. Tenacious D’s cinematic opus was as frenetic and strange, as it was awesome. When Jack Black challenged the Foo Fighter’s frontman to a rock battle musical fanboys shared a collective squee. This musical comedy is bound to go down in history the same way Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band both have. However this 2006 comedy is more heavy on dialogue than song, making the music seem all the more special when it is played. Check out the battle below.

4.) 9 Songs

9 Songs tells the heartfelt story of the hook-up and break-up of a british couple. The fun twist is that they go to live shows together, and we can watch their relationship change from one concert to the next. The film features actual performances from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Von Bondies, Elbow, Franz Ferdinand, and others. However, outside of the live gigs the story is told through an unflinching look at the couple’s sex life. The open door sex-acts are definitely NSFW but it’s a pretty cool movie besides. If you’ve got the stomach for this odd movie, the concerts are well worth it. Below is The Dandy Warhols playing “You Were The Last High.”

The Dandy Warhols - The Last High (Live)

1.) I Love You Man

The climax of this Judd Apatow installment takes place at a Rush concert. A great Rush concert. The awesome thing about the surprise appearance was that everything in the plot led up to the performance. The unfortunate 2001 comedy Saving Silverman did something similar, in building the story around a musician. Unfortunately that musician was Neil Diamond, and not Canada’s Holy Trinity. Also Saving Silverman wasn’t half as funny as the one staring Paul Rudd and Jason Segal.