Few bands can get away with shutting the streets down in a town and not be arrested. Foo Fighters are one of those bands. This past Saturday night they did just that at Preservation Hall in New Orleans. Ending a recording session off with a bang, the band made a definite impression, playing for over 90 minutes featuring hit songs like “My Hero”, “Learn To Fly”, and “These Days”.

Foo Fighters have been around since 1994, being formed by drummer David Grohl, who after the death of fellow Nirvana member Kurt Cobain, decided to start a new project. Grohl gathered up members Nate Mendel(bass), William Goldsmith(drummer), and fellow previous Nirvana member, Pat Smear(guitar). They released their first album Foo Fighters in 1995 and quickly began touring wherever they could. Since then the band has gone through a couple of new people, tours all over the world, and have become forever a part of music history. Their acclaim has won them many awards and despite calling a hiatus for a brief period in 2013, the band couldn’t stay away too long. They are now currently working on their 8th studio album, due out this fall, and an HBO series to commemorate their 20th anniversary and also document some of their recording sessions.

Keep checking back with B-Sides and their website for all of the latest news, and be sure to check out one of their hit songs “The Pretender” below.