B-Sides On-Air is broadcast on KBCW-44/cable 12 in the San Francisco Bay Area every Saturday night after SNL at 1a. We know it may be a time when either making out or passing out. So, make sure to DVR us every week and check out some highlights from the show here! This past weekend, We Are Scientists took a moment to talk about their latest album, “TV En Francais”, their remake of an 80s hit and things spiraled out of control when the topic turned to other possible cover songs. EDM artist Borgore has a legion of loyal fans and we gave one of them the opportunity to interview him in the flesh. The Black Keys reign supreme at the top spot on our top 10 countdown; check out the list and the vids on this page on the right side!

We Are Scientists have been making great music for more than a decade and just released “TV En Francais”. The guys started in the “indie rock heyday” of the early aughts and have continued making quality music. More recently, they’ve grown into their own with their comedic video concepts and even produced their own television show on MTV UK titled, “Steve Wants His Money.” Chris Cain and Keith Murray from We Are Scientists took a moment to speak with B-Sides host, Pete Mar, about their new music, how the album title is meant to be interpreted and the conversation took an interesting turn that included discussions about the “Care Bears” theme song, “Charles in Charge” and more.

B-Sides On-Air: Funny Interview with We Are Scientists

EDM artist Borgore (real name: Asaf Borger) made a name for himself when dub step hit the mainstream. The DJ started off drumming and was part of the death core band, Shabira. Borgore has worked with notable artists such as Miley Cyrus, Waka Flock Flame as his music has continues to evolve with trap and house. The DJ has many female fans as can be seen on social media and at his shows. B-Sides gave the opportunity to superfan, Rebecca to interview Borgore when he recently performed in San Francisco. Rebecca did a great job- watch it here!

B-Sides On-Air: Borgore Fan Interview

We also featured great music by:

Gardens & Villa- “Colony Glen”

Gardens & Villa - "Colony Glen" (Official Video)